Innovation for Today’s Great Customer Experience

AXS SmartScreen helps connect people in multiple ways with state of the art technology and Artificial Intelligence, it is able to not only answer queries smartly, but also provide a great assistance and unmatched Customer Experience!

SmartScreen enable more Productive and effective collaboration leading to faster results.  You put everything you need in one place, available at the touch of a finger.


We Believe Better Outcome are possible



Key Features


Face Recognition
  • Secured 2 factor authorization
  • Easy and convenient operations
Voice Recognition and Response
  • Interact with the SmartScreen in multiple languages
  • Talk to virtual assistant and get your answers
Touch Screen Interface
  • Give a complete self service interface
  • Provide great customer service
  • Available in 32” and 43” screen sizes for Wall mounting and Wall standing options
Barcode Reader
  • Read 2D barcodes on passbook, cheque books
  • Help customers get the service with ease
  • Get balance, Mini Statement, Account details printed
Card Reader
  • Integrate payments through EMV, Magstripe card readers




Customer service is one of the most important aspect of Financial Service.
The use of smart screen devices in bank branches to access banking applications and websites offer easier customer interactions and self-service opportunities.
Using Smart Screen Assistants not only reduces the customer wait time but also elevates the branchaesthetics bringing it to more international standards


Customer experience is the key to increasing footfalls and conversions in any Retail business with the use of Smart Screen devices in retail outlets your customers can have a unique experience which leaves a lasting impression in their minds. Applications like smart mirror, shop guide and quick invoicing can enhance customer interactions to next level.


Health care reflects the true nature of technology advancements. Deploying smart screens in Hospitals can improve customer engagements like appointment scheduling, report dispatch and invoicing, making healthcare more streamlined and efficient.