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This unique platform that enables individual’s Unique Identification to be used and leveraged in practical use scenarios. The Ananya integrates multiple sources of authorization that includes biometric as well as non-biometric. Authorization is the just the beginning. With our highly evolved tools we provide a reliable framework that allow citizens to conduct banking activities such as opening an account, deposit and withdrawal of funds, or to maintain and their health records, medical prescriptions to name a few. All of this can be achieved with just a fingerprint.

This platform provides API’s, Mobile Applications as well as various bio-metric sensors supports to connect, validate the authorization and information exchange. Ananya provides crucial link which allows to explore true potential of the citizens identity system. Security and privacy are the two most important factors Anaya is based upon creating safe and secured environment for the applications and compliance’s. It acts as a crucial link between government promoted citizen welfare schemes as well as the effective means for the financial inclusion.

Some of the key sectors of application

  • Citizen Services
  • Attendance Management
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare